We believe in service ahead of money… not money ahead of service.


Clydia Pappenfus – Shoreline, WA

I was referred to this company by someone I trusted who had known the owner for many years.  I needed a new kitchen floor.  Raymond came out and assessed our needs and referred me to some dealers who would carry the covering I wanted.  I went and picked it out and let him know that I had made up my mind on the flooring.  Within a couple of days he was out with an estimate for the cost of the project.  Of course, as with all projects, surprises come up.  He discovered that some of the old flooring had been incorrectly installed and had to fix that problem before putting down the new floor.  Bottom line—the job was done beautifully, the workmen were pleasant and competent and they totally cleaned up after themselves.  About 6 months later, I discovered that I had some deteriorating support beams underneath my elevated deck—they hold up my deck and also my dining room.  I called Raymond and he came out within a couple of days and assessed the situation and knew exactly what was needed to fix it.  Again, his workmen were pleasant and competent.  The job was done a few days later, and again, it was a well thought out and well done job and there was no mess left for me to deal with.  I would recommend Raymond Kent and his company, Harmony Design and Build, to anyone who has a project that needs to be done by someone who is honest and competent and also reasonably priced.   


Wendy Kendall – Edmonds, WA

Raymond, thank you for your high quality work. I’ve received so many compliments from neighbors, family, and friends for all the work you completed for me this year – the exterior painted, new balcony and entryway, and when my back bathroom leaked through to the garage to discover terrible rot underneath it and suddenly needing a bathroom remodel.

After I had to discontinue with another contractor who had really let me down, I was in a huge panic because of my son’s July wedding and all the out of town guests, not to mention the Groom’s Dinner and Garden Party at my house.  My neglected house had so much work needed.  I was so lucky that a friend recommended you.

You worked miracles with the budget I could give you. The quality of your work is perfect. You listened to all my concerns and gave me answers and results that addressed them all.  Although you never compromised on quality, you made sure all was completed well within my strict time deadlines.  Even when the back bathroom problems erupted by surprise, you helped me come up with a plan that resulted in fixing all the rot, and a beautiful bathroom.

I also really appreciated how clean you kept all the worksite, cleaning up every day and keeping our everyday life disruption to a minimum.  And your maintenance advice is really practical and helpful.

No one else is working on this house except you!

Thank you!


Michelle Ohge – Shoreline, WA

Hi Raymond, Max & Mike. WOW and WOW!!! So extraordinarily clean!! I have been around A LOT of construction and remodeling in my life and at the end of the days the work sites have been cleaned & organized. But never this clean! And there were cobwebs on the siding and even they are gone. And I said that the truck could stay in the driveway. I’m going to move my car so all my neighbors can see how clean the area is. I feel like I should detour traffic off 145th so that EVERYONE can see your sign and what it looks like.

Thanks so much!

Michele Ohge

Ronald J Murphy – Edmonds, WA

Dear Raymond,

I wanted to take a moment and write you a letter of recommendation as a thank you for the outstanding work you folks did on my primary residence in Edmonds WA.

Being in the construction industry for around thirty five years yet not having the woodworking skills past sharpening a pencil it was refreshing to have you and your crew working on my home.  They came professionally prepared and equipped to do the Job correctly and efficiently. 

Without having defined plans you created what I had envisioned and exceeded my expectations with your suggestions from creativity and years of experience making the finished product better.

The most important thing to me was that I could trust you and your crew out of the gate with my home knowing you cared and would do a quality job.  Your crew also had a measure of peace, good natured presence and continued professionalism which is not always displayed on a construction site, especially when unexpected events like rain which was not cooperating with us finishing the project.

Again thanks for the outstanding craftsmanship and exceptionally fair price which came in under budget, (not the remodel norm).  Thank you for passing the savings back to me.

Your welcome to use this letter and give out my number when needed for a reference and I hope this will entice you to take on my next project I have in the works this spring.


Ronald J. Murphy

Edmonds, WA


Chris & Vickie Erlandsen – Mukilteo, WA

A huge thank you to Raymond for the fantastic job he did on our skylight repair. After years of dealing with condensation and dripping, peeling drywall and mold accumulation, our old skylights had failed from the time the house was originally built. When we had our roof replaced a few years ago, the company replaced the skylights. We were expecting a huge transformation, but although the condensation stopped, we could tell the seal was not tight because of all the outside noise we could hear as well as the drafts we felt when standing under them.

Raymond came out, assessed the situation, and knew exactly what to do to fix the problem. He trimmed the sheetrock and corrected the seal, used the proper fasteners, repaired the drywall, and installed a new pre-painted interior wood trim around the top edge of the skylight shaft. We are so appreciative that we found Raymond and Harmony Design & Build to take care of this issue once and for all. We look forward to working with him on future projects.


Mrs. Emery – Shoreline WA

I’ve been working with Raymond for over 20 years and I still utilize his services today. He’s not only my contractor he is my friend. I would recommend his services to anyone.


Mr & Mrs Nava – Marysville WA

We were recommended to Harmony Design & Build by a friend. We decided to hire this company to replace our roof and we were so happy with the work that we hired Harmony to build our deck, replace all the siding on our home, pour a concrete slab and build a custom dog house which we thought would be fun. We loved his professionalism and attention to detail and plan on hiring him back for more work this summer. 


David Poole – Magnolia WA

I contacted Harmony to come out and address water leaks on my spanish tile roof. Raymond identified four different possibilities of water infiltration and made proper recommendations. Based on his recommendations we hired him and the issues were resolved, we thank him and he saved our house!


Ed & Lou Bischoff -Everett WA

We called Harmony Design & Build because we had a roof leak. Raymond came out and saw we were in desperate need of a new roof. He made recommendations, worked up an estimate and sat down with us to explain the details in a timely manner. We will happily use his services again. 

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