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Are you looking at starting a project yourself but don’t quite know where to start? Or you could already be halfway through a fix while knee deep in YouTube tutorials that may or may not match your project or materials. Either way, Harmony is happy to help in this instance. We can provide on-site or off-site advice to help guide you through your project, identify issues, or suggest the right path to take and materials to acquire.

With over 35 years in the industry, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help guide you to finish your project. Over the years in the industry, we’ve met many people who work hard and struggle through their own deck builds, kitchen remodels, roof repairs, bathroom remodels, water damage repairs, and more. We understand the many reasons you may want to tackle the project yourself and want to help you succeed. The following will cover the different phases of a project and what consulting would include:

Pre-Construction Phase

I would definitely advise getting help in this step more often than not, as we can work with you to plan out your project and what you will need. There can be a lot of information online about how to do a certain remodel or fix, but not everything is correct, reliable, or complete. With our services, you will be empowered with full knowledge of what you need to look out for, differences in material options, and what steps you should expect throughout your project. Everything else follows off of this, so it’s important to start with a good foundation. Our services during this phase include:

  • Initial Meeting: Go over details to understand your vision, wants, and needs.
  • Design Review: If you have a design (whether it's a napkin design, something you made digitally, or a design made by a professional), we will go over it with you and cover any questions or concerns.
  • Risk Mitigation: After understanding the space, your vision, and design ideas, we will go over options to mitigate risk during construction (i.e., using the right materials, watching out for water seepage, sealing the subfloor, making sure you install flashing correctly on decks, etc.).
  • Recommending Subs: If your project needs subcontractors to complete certain components you need them to do (i.e., electrical, plumbing, insulation, rodent control, etc.), we are happy to recommend one of our trusted, licensed, bonded, and insured subs to do the work.

If you are looking to perform a large-scale project that requires accurate estimation, managing communication with a large team, scheduling delivery and subcontractor timelines, and organizing and applying for permits and engineering, then I would recommend having us step into your project as a General Contractor rather than a consultant.

Construction Phase

This is the most active part of the project and where unforeseen circumstances will occur, whether it be material shortages or surprises under floors and behind walls. Whether we have been helping from the start or brought in during this stage, we will work with you to make this stage go smoother. Services we provide during this phase:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: We can use video conferencing or on-site evaluation to go over your progress to make sure the build or repair is up to par and done correctly.
  • Examination of Possible Repairs: If your project reveals spaces that have unforeseen conditions, we can help give advice on steps to take, and inform you if it’s a necessary worry now or something to watch out for in the future.
  • Quality Control: Harmony can help examine materials to insure they are of high-quality.

When Harmony is acting in the role of General Contractor verses consultant, we will be utilizing photos, videos, and notes to document the project Daily. In a consulting role, the documentation of project progress is handled by the client.

Post-Construction Phase

Essentially, this is the phase where we help give you peace of mind about the final product and verify that the build will hold up for years to come. You can expect the following:

  • Walk-through: We will walk through the build with you (in-person or through video conference) and inform you of any visible compromises or problems that we can see.
  • Punchlist: If there is anything to note, Harmony can compile a punchlist for you to address as you see fit.

Depending on your project, you may only need our services during one of the above phases or all of them. Give us a call or email us so we can discuss your project and figure out what best fits your needs.

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